Compares the Process of Building Credit to Strength Training Principles

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Anyone familiar with the most effective strategies for building credit will immediately recognize the similarities of this process relative to effective strength training principles. In fact, even the misleading tactics used by the less scrupulous professionals in each industry are remarkably similar, and, unfortunately, many seeking to improve their physical or financial strength will fall […]

John Pryor Rugby Training Methods: Incorporating Strategic Principles in Strength and Conditioning

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The John Pryor rugby training program relies on a great deal of specificity in order to deliver the kind of outcomes that result in improved in-competition athletic performance, not just general improvements in strength and conditioning. After all, many training programs are able to help athletes become “bigger, faster, stronger,” but, according to John Pryor, […]

How Strength in Rugby Plays an Unexpected Role

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Traditional rugby training methods typically focus on the development of speed along with the muscular endurance necessary to compete in a match lasting 80 minutes and involving an incredibly wide range of athletic demands. Clearly, this focus on developing speed and muscular endurance remains of critical importance for peak athletic performance, yet it also obscures […]

Rugby And Strength Go Hand in Hand

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Strength is absolutely necessary in the sport of rugby. According to John Pryor, All the skill and strategic preparation in the world will be useless in rugby, if you do not have the physicality and power to put those skills into action or harness that quick reaction thinking. This is not to say that proper technique […]