Benefits of Resistance Training For Rugby Players

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Professionals and amateur rugby players alike are supposed to understand the importance of strength training, which is an essential part of building a strong and formidable team. Often confused with weight training, resistance training does not necessarily require the use of weights. It is made up of a combination of different activities including push-ups, climbing, lunges, and squats. Its basic focus is the strengthening of muscles and toning by ensuring they are contracted against a resisting force. If you are yet to embrace resistance training and you are an aspiring rugby player, here are some of the benefits you might be missing.

Boost energy levels

Rugby is an involving sport that demands that you consume a lot of energy in one session, so you need to embrace a workout schedule that can help you to improve your energy levels. Through resistance training, you are able to boost levels of endorphins, and this also works well as an anti-depressant. When endorphins are released they also help by improving sleep patterns, which means with regular training one is able to give the body a good relaxation that is essential when anticipating a tournament.

Burn calories

During resistance training your body not only helps to burn calories, but the whole exercise also helps to continue burning calories even after training has come to an end through a process referred to as physiologic homework. Many of the calories present are consumed in the maintenance of muscles than making fats, which means with resistance training one can boost metabolism up to 15 percent more.

Enhances strength

Strength is a key factor that one cannot overlook in rugby, and this is also the reason you need to undertake serious workout programs that encourage strength build up. One of these is resistance training, which focuses on building muscles up and reinforcing the strength of the player. As a rugby player, you need to maintain good health and a strong posture that will be useful while in the pitch. However, if you are maintaining a team and you engage in intense workout, you need to understand what the law says about injuries that might arise while you train as a team. In this case you might have to link up with a qualified personal injury attorney Tampa for advice on the way forward.

Health and well being

Disease prevention is an essential part of being a good player that also comes with resistance training. This training helps by increasing bone density while reducing the risk of suffering bone fractures, which is a common occurrence among rugby players. One is able to build muscle strength and the repair of cells is accelerated when a player adheres to a strength training program.

However, as you embrace resistance training, you should do it through a scientific approach. Don’t do it excessively as tiring yourself extremely could raise another problem, and you don’t want to end in hospital for doing it wrong. Always consult with a coach who has the skills to help you choose a schedule you can maintain.

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